You’ve been googled!

I just googled myself to see how many links to my web site and references to my name I could find. Hmmmm…

So, if you were, say a potential date or employer and did this, I wonder what you’d think.

You’d find this web site, to start, and conclude that I like to write (mostly about myself) and play music. Then you’d find that I won a North Carolina Press Association award in 1999, that I actually do get music gigs, that I’m buying a house in Rochester (and was out-bid on 2), that I have some excellent dieting tips (which I must not be following), that I like to do something called “hashing” and enjoyed a hash weekend in Pennsylvania last May, that I write indecipherable press releases on toner cartridges and remanufacturing for RIT, and that I don’t run very fast (I placed #502 in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in 2002).

That’s me Googled in a nutshell. Oh, and a bunch of naturists link to my website. Why do they do that?

It’s actually a decently well-rounded snapshot of my life. I play music, I write, I have a poetry archive hidden on the web site somewhere and I used to tell people that I have fibromyalgia (I still have fibromyalgia, I just don’t tell people about it so much). I like getting quoted in various newspapers and magazines (it’s fun), and I tend to lean towards the eccentric (like a flare for naturism and hashing, sometimes closely related activities depending on the hash).

And while I’m active, doing things like hashing, I’m not hyper-active — I don’t run very fast. 42:13 for a 3 1/2 mile run was a good time for me. I’m just glad I didn’t pass out from heat stroke.

It’s funny the electronic trail you leave behind.