You know you’re old when…

Kevin keeps saying that we’re old now. I’m getting more and more white hair. We have to schedule sex. But I’ve been refusing to buy into the notion of oldness.  Until today.

We recently switched banks because M&T Bank just screwed us out of almost $600 and was very rude about it while they were at it. So we need to order new checks. I was procrastinating about getting on with work today, looking at checks designs online. I barely use checks — but do need them for the few occasions I used them — so the design is important. Plus, I’ll have them for the next 5 years. I’m still using the (Winnie the Pooh) checks I ordered when we moved into this house.

I was clicking around, not totally satisfied with anything I was seeing. I’d like something modern, but not too over the top. And then I thought to myself, I should get a flower design. Those roses are pretty.

Then my brain freaked out. A flowery check design? Roses? Hello? Welcome to Official Oldness.

Yeah. That was too much for me. I’d rather work and order checks another day.

One thought on “You know you’re old when…

  1. Your poor old foggies – at 31, no less!!… 🙂
    For what it’s worth, I have loved anything to do with roses my entire life, even when I was a little girl, even when I was a young woman – and I am not “old” yet.

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