Writing wherever life takes me

I think I’m going to start another blog. This occurred to me last night.

I’ll keep posting to this blog – you know, the stuff I want to share with friends and family. But it’s been taken over completely by baby-itis and I don’t know when or if or how it’ll ever find a cure. Or even that it should.

I read stuff about blogging, about the Web, about podcasting, trends, technology, writing, politics, whatever, that I want to comment on. But this doesn’t seem like the appropriate place. One day a post about the state of … I don’t know, something profound. The next day an update about Duncan finishing his first jar of applesauce. I think it might be a bit too incongruous.

I am a mother and a tech head, that’s true. And I blend the worlds as much as I can, as I don’t think I can happily live without either. But I think they might be mutually exclusive worlds in the blogosphere.

So. I don’t know what the blog will be called. I don’t know where I’m going to host it. I don’t even know what domain name I’ll put it under. And I’m still mulling over what, exactly, I’ll write about. Writing? Marketing? Blogging? Actual ways you can make money online? Any and all of my side projects? I don’t know. All of the above, perhaps.

I didn’t know what I was going to write about on this blog. That’s why it’s called “musings” and whatever else of a writer and folk-rock musician (or something like that). I used to write about…what did I write about? Dyeing my hair and playing gigs? Now it’s all baby this and baby that. It’s wherever life takes me. Maybe I should change its name to that…

2 thoughts on “Writing wherever life takes me

  1. Hi Silandara — I think I’d skip investigating making money online and use the time to find a good agent to represent Duncan (or perhaps become one?)… he’s got to be just about the cutest baby I’ve ever seen and has a “million dollar” smile — yes, read between the quotes. And either you’re a great photographer or he’s incredibly photogenic. Perhaps it’s both. Anyway, start another blog — this one has definitely become the Duncan blog and I hope it doesn’t change!

  2. Jo,
    Thanks for all the encouragement with James not eating! 🙂 Things are getting better and better.

    When is Duncan’s 4 mo checkup? James’ is Monday.

    I love that James and Duncan are only 1 day apart. I feel like you and Diedra are my “mommy sisters” if that makes sense.

    I agree about the Duncan blog comment above. I hope it doesn’t chage!


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