Winter school concert

I am a proud mummy.

Last week, Duncan and Berry had their school winter concert. As they go to the same school for part of the time, they both got to be up on stage together.

I was running late from an after-work meeting, so hurried to the school auditorium/cafeteria, dropping my phone with the almost-dead battery on the way. People were still milling about and children were lining up getting ready to get on stage. Just in time!

I’m not sure how to describe the incredible cuteness of your 3-year-old child, standing proudly on stage in her sparkly red dress, singing out loud above everyone else. If you hear a voice standing out above all others in this video — it’s Berry. 🙂

Duncan did a great job, too. His dancing and motions are quite animated and somehow he remembered the words do the 3-minute-long song about pigs.

Here it is, for your delight and enjoyment. (Note: my cell phone battery was about out, so I didn’t record the first 2 clips — my mum did. The last 2 are from my phone, which are steadier, but the sound isn’t as good. Sorry.)