Why no blogging (again)

Life just keeps going by. I know it’s supposed to do that and it’d be very bad if it didn’t.

But I half-compose blog posts in my head – when I’m falling asleep or am in the shower or cuddling a baby. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have computer interfaces in any and all our flat surfaces (we will in a few years, probably), so I’m rarely near a computer when these blog thoughts surface.

I’ve wanted to write about how often a 2-year-old pees, how I managed to convince said 2-year-old to not wake me up at night, the challenge of finding new clients and working, the fact that Duncan is now two years old. But then I don’t. And then it becomes too much to write about at once. So I don’t write at all.

Then there’s the challenge of someone resisting a nap and someone else wandering off across the room with the wireless mouse while saying “poo poo.”

Now he’s taking the mousepad, too. I know we don’t NEED a mousepad with a wireless laser mouse, but we use one anyway. I’m getting a truck on the keyboard instead. That’ll be useful. And now a train. Must go.

One thought on “Why no blogging (again)

  1. Note to self: don’t get a wireless mouse yet.

    I always thought I wanted two kids that are pretty close in age, but my kid’ll be 3 in a couple of months, and I can’t even imagine having already had another one. I tip my hat to you.

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