What would Bob (Villa) do?

I finally got up the willpower to paint the kitchen cabinets. At 9:30 p.m. this evening. First I had to sand them. That was OK. Varnish dust everywhere, but OK. They had an interesting faux antique faux wood grain look that I briefly considered leaving (at least for a few more days). But I’m tired of looking at a half-painted kitchen and cabinets with no doors, so I pulled out the paint and got to work.

Painting at 10 p.m. after a 10-hour day is probably not the best of ideas.

A friend of mine says that all house painting should be done in the nude. That way you can jump in the shower when you’re done and get it all off you. My friend doesn’t have our neigbours. Really nice people, but very interested in what goes on over here. Asleep right now, actually. Unlike me. Painting should at least be done in painting clothes, rather than PJs, as I quickly found out. So I got changed, went back downstairs and kept going. That didn’t stop it from getting in my hair…

Well, the kitchen cabinets are now blue, as are some of the contents inside. Because I didn’t actually clean the kitchen or empty the cabinets before I started. I just painted around things. They need another coat, and now that the outsides are done, the inside looks all dirty and dingy, even though I scrubbed a lot of it down before I got started. Oh well. Before and after pictures will be available once the doors are all back on. I haven’t decided whether to paint them too or not. I have to completely sand off all the varnish to do that and I might just be too lazy.

The next project after the kitchen (and maybe painting the door and window frames) is the garden. Digging up the grass mostly (probably to the horror of the neighbours) and putting in a veggie garden in the back and a flower garden in the front. No mowing for me. 🙂 I can’t see the point in growing something I’m allergic to, that I can’t mow without severe dripping and I can’t let touch my skin.

So that’s my adventure for this evening. I can still taste varnish dust in the back of my nose.