What room is this again?

I’m waiting for Kevin to get into the shower so I can do my bedtime routine (the bathroom isn’t big enough for 2 people to both do things unless one is standing in the bathtub). So here’s a probably equally confusing explanation about our bedroom situation (no, the who sleeps where situation).

We have 3 bedrooms. Currently one of them is our room, one is Duncan’s room and one (the one without any closets) is my office. The one that’s our room used to be the guest bedroom/my room/the nursery. It is now just “Mummy and Daddy’s room.” Duncan’s bedroom used to be the room we called “Kevin’s room” even though we both slept in there (unless I was pregnant, then I slept in “my room” which is now no longer mine).

Confused yet? Good.

So my office will become Duncan’s room and Duncan’s room will become Berry’s room. And our room just finally stays our room.

Why the crazy room switcharoo?

Berry’s future room (Duncan’s current room) is already painted lavendar. My office is a strange peach color. The plan for Duncan’s permanent bedroom is to paint it a lovely turquoisey sea blue. The office needs painting anyway. Moving Duncan into the office (post-painting) means I only have to paint 1 room instead of 2.

Also, Berry’s room has a closet. She’s a girl. She needs a closet. The office has bookshelves. Duncan has approximately 7 million books.
Lastly, the office is the furthest room from our bedroom. So if we close the door at night, hopefully Berry waking up (either in a bassinet in our room or in her own room which is a little closer) won’t wake up Duncan. Plus she’ll be closer for us to hear her. By closer, I mean by like 4 feet. But maybe it’ll make a difference.

So now you know where we all sleep — or, as the case may be like last night, don’t sleep but instead keep getting out of our beds and playing with our cool fishy nightlight.

And Kevin not only got in the shower in the space of writing this post, but also appears to be done with his shower. So I’ll have to further wait until he’s dried off and out of the bathroom. So much for getting to bed early.