What happened to “Silandara’s blog”?

Weren’t you getting tired of that train track image? I was. And that whole dark green background thing (if the other background didn’t load, which it doesn’t on PDAs) wasn’t working for me.

Change is good. And I keep wrestling with what to blather about on this blog.

Writing about the kids doesn’t feel right as I worry about their safety and privacy. (We do have an unadvertised family blog, e-mail me if you want the URL for it.)

Writing about work is tricky as I don’t want to put off any current or potential clients.

There’s lots of personal stuff I could share; but I don’t want to. I have a pen and paper journal for that. Some things don’t need to be aired in a roomful of strangers. Not that everyone who reads this is a stranger, but I get more hits (amazingly) than people I know that read this blog.

I could write about random things and celebrity news. But I want to write about things I’m passionate about.

It’s important to live an authentic life and present an honest image of yourself. I have an idea of what that means as far as this medium is concerned. And it needs a name other than “Silandara’s blog” – especially as I keep seriously considering going back to being called “Joanna.”

Years ago, losers.org rated my web site (and told me to rub my crystals together and dream up a new page — and then didn’t update their site for several years while I went through several remodels). My point? They called me a “greenie.” And I am. I’ve stepped away from that in recent years. Maybe because the PTSD of living in a camper, off-grid in the woods and almost starving to death before Christmas one year was too much for me. But just because my former back to basics life didn’t work out so well doesn’t mean I can’t be as environmentally conscious as possible now. I think that’s a story I can share. Maybe it’ll even inspire others to do the same.

5 thoughts on “What happened to “Silandara’s blog”?

  1. I dig the new look!


    I had been wanting to rename my blog for quite some time, but I can never think of anything creative.

  2. I’m trying to find your email address on this page, but I don’t think you have it linked. Or else the boys have my brain so scrambled that I can’t find it. Anyway, I’d love to read your family blog if you don’t mind – send me the link via email?

  3. Cool !… 🙂
    I like the new look – I remember the curly branch tree, I still have your old business card.
    Joanna, hey?…. 😉

  4. i could never figure out who Silly was anyway…please send family blog link

  5. Omar, I’ll explain the “Joanna” thing. Later. Stay in suspense for a while. 😉 And thanks. Your blog name obviously should say something about ninjas. And you should know that you inspired me to update my blog — I mean, you committed to 30 posts in 30 days. The least I could do was pay my blog a little bit of attention.

    Christa, I e-mailed you a link to the family blog. I don’t have my e-mail on this page anywhere, do I? Hmmm…guess I should add that.

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