Weight Watchers should give points for sex

There are 2 reasons Weight Watchers works for me:

1. I’m forced to be aware of what I eat and assign a value (points) to it.

2. I’m encouraged to exercise because the activity points I earn let me eat more.

I did WW once before – on my PDA with a program a downloaded for free (which WW forced the developer to take off line). This time I’m paying for it and using their online version. Which is pretty decent and does let you look up points for any number of foods and activities.

Except sex.

It’s not listed. Housecleaning is. Hoeing the garden is. As are ax chopping, dancing the twist or lambada, barn cleaning, fencing, hunting (isn’t that mostly sitting in a tree stand and waiting for deer?), paddle ball, snorkeling, hand sawing, treading water and washing the car. But not sex. In any of its euphemisms.

It’s exercise. It should earn me more food points.

As should being a mum. Can I count hauling a 25-lb baby around as weight lifting? Or playing with him on the floor as wrestling? (I wonder if that’s even listed…yes, competition wrestling is on the list.) I can tell you that after a few trips up and down the stairs holding onto a squirmy baby, my heart rate is elevated.

In any case, I seem to be squarely back on the weight watching, point tracking, activity checking wagon. I was very tempted to stay off the diet after my few days of garbage plate and carrot cake eating fun. But, even though some guy in a van whistled at me yesterday while we were on our walk, there’s still a bit more jiggle in the trunk than I’m happy with. Almost there. Might as well go all the way.

14 thoughts on “Weight Watchers should give points for sex

  1. You ate carrot cake????
    You are having sex?????


    Do I dare ask – which was best?

    I think the points used for sex must equal a portion of carrot cake 🙂

  2. Yeah, Mum. Sex. That’s how Duncan got here. 😉 Do we need to have a talk? hehe

  3. Check out the website above. It gives you the calorie count from sex…and I bet you could figure out activity points by using the other exercises listed and their Weight Watchers equivalent activiy points. Worth a shot!

  4. I found a listing that having sex (with moderate effort – which totally cracks me up) for 30 minutes is 76 calories burned.

  5. I’ve got to say, have all the sex you like, keep your points the same, and watch the pounds shed off lol. You could even post some pics lol j/k. G’luck on weight watcher’s, is week 2 for myself. Have a good un

  6. Hahah,I am glad that someone else noticed that same thing! My husband and I just spent thirty minutes thinking of every “properly etiquite” name for sex, from intercourse, to physical intimacy….to some other words I shall not mention, AND NO LUCK! I want my points for the ten minutes I just spent 😉 lol. Its my first day on the program so i am searching for points…fyi breathing is not an activity either 🙂

  7. I compared the calorie counter with other activities and I figured it out to be 1/2 a point for a half hour of sex! Are you kidding??! I don’t know about you, but I think it would be worth more than that! 🙂

  8. 1/2 a point for a half-hour? That’s only 25 calories burned. So much for sex as a form of exercise. I just started Weight Watchers again yesterday, too.

  9. 1/2 point for a half hour ?
    i think they need to allow for different variations of sexual activity (just like they do for walking, etc.).

    If someone were on his/her back the entire time, the calories and points would be quite low.

    if the duration were short (10 minutes or less, which they say is the average) then the points would be minimal (depending upon how active you are during those 10 minutes.

    but some of us prefer longer durations (20-40 minutes) and we vary the activity (typically split the time as to who is on top). The partner on top, can really get a workout. And if you end up (apologies for details) but if you end up sweating when it is over, then you have truly max’ed out your heart rate, and lung capacity. (not to mention, all the other bodily parts).

    In conclusion, they should not only have sex, but have mild, moderate, heavy activity levels.

  10. Weight Watchers DOES give points for sex now. Check it out! It may not be in the list but in the online tools, 15 minutes of moderate (?) sex gets ya 1 point. Shifting to high would earn two. I’m thinking sex and carrot cake!

  11. @Rick H: ITA.
    DH and I were talking about this the other night after a particulary um….prolonged encounter. I rarely sweat….I just never do. Sweat was pouring off me, so it was def HIGH activity. 😉

    As far as carrot cake goes……….you’d have to be a prostitute to be able to eat carrot cake and then work it off in bed!!!!!! That stuff has calories inside its calories!!!! LOL

  12. I like sex

  13. Hey everyone- I just input(ed?) “sex” into the activity points tracker, 30 minutes and high level and hit “calculate” and it came up to FIVE points! SO… I think don’t bother looking it up, just input what you want and see what it says 🙂

  14. I wonder how many points you get for spanking? I am sure it would vary depending on if you are giving or receiving, and how vigorously it was being administered. Spanking plus sex equals more points burned!

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