Weekly writing update – Nov. 5, 2017: Rollercoasters

In the writing update video I recorded on Friday, I seem very happy about my productivity and progress this week. And I should be. I got some good stuff done that is helping me move forward. That’s great.

What I totally forgot to mention in the video was the bottomless pit I stumbled into early in the week as I became suddenly convinced that I had screwed up the titles of my two Led by Light, mediumship development books. And then I got stuck in a swirling sense of doom and inadequacy. Fortunately, I made myself go for a walk, which helped clear my head a bit and, eventually, I decided to just get on with what I’ve got and not try and be perfect at all of it.

I am not perfect. Half the time I have little idea what I’m doing. I’m flying by the seat of my pants here, along with learning, reading and listening to my intuition. Just in case you thought I had a master plan or that I look like I have it together. One of the secrets to life, I’ve decided, is that none of us have it all figured out and most of us are making it up as we go along. So I’m in good company, and I have faith we will all figure it out eventually.

This week’s accomplishments

In this form, the past week’s accomplishments are:

  • I met with a friend who does website development/design and photography.  She’s going to help me with my websites.
  • I gave my books a photoshoot to get some images for my websites, social media, etc. The books really enjoyed it.
  • I finished my Signs from Spirit ebook and got it uploaded and into my enewsletter signup process. So now, you, too, can read about the 18 most common ways your loved ones and guides in Spirit are trying to get your attention, by signing up for my Alight Intuition enewsletter. 🙂
  • I updated my book pages on this website (I still have a couple of other places to update them), with their new covers and all the places you can currently buy them. I appreciate how Amazon makes it possible for independent authors like me to publish books, but I also want to give the love to indie bookstores. So I plan to update those book places with all the places I know about that are stocking my books. So if you see my books out in the wild anywhere, let me know. I know they’re being ordered by bookstores across the world from my Ingram sales (not many, but some in the US, Canada, England and Australia).
  • I ordered some copies of my books to send to New Leaf, a distributor of mind-body-spirit books that a lot of metaphysical stores use to order their products. As that’s my target market in the offline world, it seems smart for them to be able to order my books. And there are some hoops I need to jump through and things I need to figure out (like how many boxes of each book are in a carton? I have no idea).
  • I sent books to the NSAC bookstore in Lily Dale, NY, to see if they’re willing to stock/sell them. I’m an NSAC minister and certified medium, so fingers crossed they will be. 🙂 Again, that’s my target audience, right. I should be where they can find me. I’ll get this whole bookselling thing figured out eventually.
  • I got together with a writer friend and got some writing done! I’m not officially doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I am determined to keep writing the book I started last November, a middle-grade novel about a 10-year-old boy who loves Minecraft and YouTube and dreams of becoming a famous YouTubers with a successful Minecraft server. But he’s not doing well in school and his teacher things he has ADHD, so his mom takes away his computer time and signs him up for the 5th grade basketball team. Eliot is tall, but clumsy, and has never played basketball before in his life. It’s set in the same universe as Butterfly Buddies.

I haven’t made a list of planned accomplishments for this next week. And I’ve got a pie pumpking in the oven that’s beeping at me, saying it’s cooked and wants to be turned into pumpking pie, so….priorities.