Weekly-ish writing update – Nov. 20, 2017: What have I done for the last 2 weeks?

Uugggghhhh. That’s how much of my last two weeks has felt. I skipped a week of reporting on my progress because I felt flat out too wiped out to summon the energy to record a video and write about how tired I was. Yay.

I realize I have a blessed life. I truly know it. I’m so grateful for it. I know that illness is a condition that I’m experiencing at the moment. It’s not me. Just like when I had a concussion. Who I am as an eternal being doesn’t have a whole lot to do with this biodegradable soul sack that I was assigned at birth. And yet, I do live in this body and how it feels does change the expression of that being. I’m here to have a human, physical experience, after all.

And this human, physical experience has felt pretty exhausting the past couple of weeks. I’m working on figuring out with what’s going on with this body of mine (while being compassionate with myself).

Writing accomplishments:

It’s not a long list.

  • I had two writing sessions for the middle grade novel I’m working on. Those logged around 4,000-ish words. I realize it’ll take me months to finish a first draft at this rate, but that’s OK. I’m going to keep at it. It feels good to write fiction again.
  • I worked on this website, joannabartlett.com. If you want your website to look awesome, too, go see Natasha Pangburn and beg her to help you like I did.
  • I had a photo shoot, also with Natasha. Those photos are coming soon.
  • I filled out all the ghastly forms for distribution with New Leaf. The forms weren’t horrible specifically to New Leaf, I just don’t like filling out forms. As in, I actively avoid it and complain the whole time when I had to do it. I also got a shipment of my books in the mail to send to New Leaf so now I just have to put together a book promotion plan and send the whole thing in. No prob, right? Riiiight.

This week’s goals

  • Get moving on updating my other website (currently eugenemedium.com but becoming alightintuition.com), which means writing up a plan for what I want on the home page so the lovely, wonderful, talented Natasha can make her web magic happen (I actually know how to update my website and change themes and all of that, I just don’t want to do it and am finally learning to ask for help with things like this. Once both sites are updated design-wise, I can work on the content. Next step: world domination! Bwahahaha.
  • Write that book promotion plan for New Leaf. 🙂
  • Turn my new ebook, Signs from Spirit (which my enewsletter subscribers are really enjoying, yay!) into an online course. This will be my first online course of my material, although I have created tutorials and other online learning thingies in the past for clients. In theory, I can do this. First, I think I need to create a PowerPoint slide deck that looks appealing and is easy to understand. Then I’ll record video…with picture in picture, I think, so people can see my little animated talking head along with the slides. And then I can edit it to maybe switch between my head and the slides? This part is totally new to me, so we’ll see how that goes.
  • I have several billion other things on my to-do-at-some-point-soonish list: create book promo videos, record more meditation videos for my Alight Intuition channel, get oil changes for both our vehicles, and a bunch of other things. But, in an effort to not overwhelm myself into paralysis, I’m keeping the actual to-do list short (although our cars really do need an oil change, who put me in charge of that?).