I might have mentioned that I haven’t been enamoured with my singing voice of late. I won’t bother you with the specific complaints — let’s just say that 2-hour gigs have been hard to get through and I’m having a frustrating time recording. So I got a couple of book/CD voice improvement courses which arrived in the mail this week. (Both, unfortunately, have too much reading involved for my liking and not enough sitting in the car following instructions on my way to work.)

One has a questionaire in the beginning, which you’re supposed to fill out before doing anything else.
Question 1: What do you like about your voice?
(this is going to be a long questionaire)

The rest of them were fortunately much easier to answer — what do you want to improve, do you think your voice sounds too nasal, does your range shrink as you sing (oh, good, it’s not just me, then). But that first one — what do I like about my voice? Not what do other people tell you. Not what compliments do you get on your voice/performance. But what do you like about it. Specifically? That’s a tough one for me.

But I came up with something (after answering questions 2 through 27 first). A decent range, some nice silver tones. Something like that.

I feel like I have a long way to go.