Unfathomable baby goes on nursing strike

Something has been happening the last couple of days when I go to feed Duncan.

He doesn’t want it. In fact, he thoroughly rejects what so recently was his favorite companion.

Instead of those heart-shaped lips eagerly opening and latching on with a strong suck, I get a screwed up face and indignant wailing.

He always did this when I’d try and feed him and he wasn’t hungry. It’s like he’s mad at me for misreading his cues. (Yes, I know, he’s not really capable of that kind of response just yet. But he’d yell and turn his head away and refuse to latch on – just to make sure I got the message that’s not what he wanted and to keep trying until I figured it out.)

It started yesterday morning. It got worse by the evening. I was quite flummoxed.

And then I decided to just continue on with our evening routine (I couldn’t get him to take a bottle, either, or even put him in any kind of nursing-like position). So he had his evening bath and I changed him into a clean onesie, swaddled him up and got him all nice and sleepy.

Then I snuck it in his mouth. And he ate quite happily.

His 10:30 p.m. dream feed (where he’s sound asleep) proceeded easily. And at 3 a.m. when he woke up, he was still half-asleep so he didn’t mind. Even at 6:15 he was pretty docile.

But then it started again today.

So, so weird.

At first I thought maybe it’s because of his vaccinations on Saturday? Or maybe because we went to visit my friend who’ll be taking care of him come November yesterday morning? Or maybe I’ve been eating too much chocolate. I don’t know.

It’s supposed to last only 2 to 5 days and the pros suggest doing exactly what I have been – sneaking it in when they’re sleepy. This evening I just held him in a headlock to my breast until he quit fighting it. And then he didn’t want to let go for a good half hour. I got up and went and lay down on the bed with him — still latched on — so I could cut his finger nails and lie down for a bit.

Hopefully it will be over soon, because getting him to nap every time he needs to be fed is…well, a less than ideal way to do it from my standpoint. And pumping isn’t my favorite thing to do.

One thought on “Unfathomable baby goes on nursing strike

  1. James just started this today… This will be his 3rd refused feeding. He’ll take just enough to get a good spit-up then he refuses to latch on. Otherwise he is quite happy and I am perplexed.

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