Trying to be green AND clean

Why does being green have to be so damn difficult and expensive? It seems every other person is “going green” yet it still costs more to do things that are healthy for your family and the planet.

I fell in love with the Swiffer WetJet a few months ago. I got a “green” recipe for floor cleaner (white vinegar, natural soap, grapefruit seed oil and hot water), jimmied open the cap on the cleaner container and poured out the horribly smelly stuff it came with and mopped away. Even Duncan loves mopping now.

I could be extra-green and use washable pads, but they make it a lot harder to mop and our baby sitter doesn’t like them. And, let’s be honest, she does most of the mopping.

I thought I had a good thing going. My green cleaner costs next to nothing and the floors were getting mopped several times a week.

Then, tonight, I decided to haul out the big old mop and Murphy’s Oil Soap as between 2 kids, a cat, us and several winters, the floors are getting banged up. They’re never shiny any more.

I was saddened and horrified to find out the floors are filthy. The mop water was black. Ugh. No wonder those white pants Berry wore the other day were totally dirty down the front. I thought our floors were cleaner than that.

So is it the Swiffer mop (which now has a leak in it – possibly due to bottle cap tampering)? Is it my floor cleaning juice? Is it just the difference between cleaning something with a wet wipe and with a nice, wet washcloth in the bathtub? I know my kids come out cleaner from the bathtub/washcloth application than a baby wipe.

Whatever the reason, it sucks. I’m not a huge fan of cleaning. It doesn’t last long enough. But to clean and not really get things clean? How disheartening.

3 thoughts on “Trying to be green AND clean

  1. I think Swiffer is a giant scam. It’s not much more convenient than a wet mop after you mess around with putting the pads on, etc. The main reason we own one is for our laminate floor, which we struggle to keep clean because, you know, kids. But it’s awful at keeping our kitchen floor clean. I still have to go on hands and knees with scrub brush to clean out the little pits in the linoleum (the ones that are supposed to be there; why I don’t know). I would really rather use the sponge mop, but I don’t know what DH did with my bucket! 😛

  2. Bucket? Hmmm…is it bad that I just use the kitchen sink? DH keeps taking my buckets too. I’ve seriously bought several at this point and he ends up using them to clean the turtle and fish tanks and forbids me from putting cleaners in them.

  3. Oh my gosh! I use the sink too!! It’s just a pain to do it because then I have to wash myself into a corner, or else trek back and forth across the floor I just cleaned. So I try to avoid it, but I use it when I have to. LOL

    But if you are only using natural cleaners, then is it really a big deal to use the buckets for the floors AND the tanks??

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