This lady’s mine

Duncan would like you all to know that I belong completely to him. As you can see in this first photo, he is happily claiming me as his own. However, if he is expected to share me in any way or spend any time without me, he will immediately put on his DJ Peace outfit (second photo) and rap you into submission.
Duncan and Mummy outside the house

DJ Peace

It’s not that extreme. But we do have some separation anxiety going on. Especially at night. He’s been waking up a lot and needing his mummy. And his mummy’s milk machines.

I think part of it is a growth spurt (because he’s obviously not big enough at 8 1/2 months and at least 25 lbs) and part is needing reassurance and cuddles.

He’s still happy to be left with Kevin — and half the time he gets upset when Kevin leaves the room and he’s left with me. He just wants his people around. So we’ve been playing lots of peekaboo (mummy’s gone but she’s always coming back) and I call to him from the kitchen when he’s playing with his blocks in the living room but he can’t see me. He can be a mummy’s boy. Just not an I-need-you-all-the-time-you-can’t-leave-my-sight-or-have-a-life mummy’s boy.

Not that I’ll be able to leave him out of sight for much longer. He hasn’t quite mastered it yet, but he’s learning to crawl! He’s got the creeping thing down, wriggling to reach toys and papers (like my naturalization certificate) that are just out of reach. Finding his way beneath Kevin’s computer chair, pulling on the cord that the monitor plugs into downstair…you know, everything he’s not supposed to be into. My shoes. The cats. The lint on the area rug.

He learned to sit up from lying down the other day. He’d been working at it for a couple of weeks, trying and trying to do it on his own. Well, now he can. Now he also can’t go to sleep on his own anymore because he hasn’t figured out how to lie back down from sitting. Kinda like when he learned to roll onto his tummy, but not back onto his back. He’ll get there eventually. Until then, I guess we’ll rock and nurse to sleep at night, take lots of walks in the stroller and go shopping in the car more often.

All of that said, he is such a sweet and joyful baby. I think he’s really digging it here.