Things I found from last December

I got sucked into the computer last night instead of going to bed early along with everyone else (is my body actually getting used to functioning on less than a full night’s sleep?) and wound up reading a couple of blogs after doing a Google blog search on my name.

(Yes, I realize searching for one’s own name sounds tremendously narcisistic  but I couldn’t think of any other narrow search term at the time.)

I ran across two entries from December 2005. One had an excerpt of Duncan’s birth story, which lead me to read the full thing (on the old blog). I’d forgotten that I lost a pint of blood. In retrospect, that’s a lot of blood. No wonder my midwife looked concerned and the nurse started jabbing me with IM medication. I remember seeing the blood pour out of me and thinking it looked like an awful lot. That also explains why I was shaking so hard. I thought it was adrenaline, maybe it was sudden blood loss. In any rate, I’m absolutely fine now (if a tad sleep deprived). But it was a yank back in time to when Duncan was brand new.
The other entry was from my virtual friend Christina Miller’s blog, tagging me for a meme on my reading preferences. Hmm…guess I should complete that. (Although I’m honeslty not completely sure what a meme is. It’s a word I’ve heard/read before but just haven’t paid attention to.)

In a completely unrelated thought, the World Health Organization (a group I quote frequently when asked how long I’m going to breastfeed), announced new child growth standards yesterday. It doesn’t matter what charts you use, though, Duncan is still on the giant baby side. 🙂 Apparently a perfectly average 9-month-old would be 28″ and 20 lbs. The child (a.k.a. my adorable, well-loved sweet kissable baby) is 31″ and 24.5 lbs., the size of an average 16-month-old. 🙂