The Weekend at Camp Mummy/Poppy

We like to keep things interesting on the weekends at Campy Mummy/Poppy (Poppy is the additional camp counselor available on weekends and the odd weekday).

This weekend was the Black Sheep Gathering at our local fairgrounds. With free admission! So we headed there on Saturday morning and wandered around for a bit.

Yep, here are the stinky sheep!

It was easy to find the live animals…they carry quite a fragrance.

The kids enjoyed looking at the sheep in pens and watching a sheep be groomed for showing (Duncan and Adam pointed out that it was a boy sheep) and briefly looking at — and touching — all the fiber-related wares on sale. As I told one stall owner, it’s like they’re related to me or something, with their obsession with touching everything. Fortunately at a fiber gathering, people expect you to touch stuff.

I cruelly didn’t allow them to buy anything. Only Berry wanted to. Buy everything she saw, as soon as she saw it, particularly a purple goat marionette that we let her play with briefly before dragging her on.

And then Adam took them off to the library to acquire numerous books while I wandered around, in bliss, alone. Well, alone with the sheep and hundreds of other people.

I pondered for a while whether or not I’d get on better with animals than people. That perhaps I’ve missed my calling. It felt so peaceful with just the sheep and I, compared with the buzzing of all the people milling around the stalls.

I joined them, anyway, bringing home only 2.5 oz of raw alpaca fiber from an alpaca named Pedro and about 8 oz of a really pretty green/blue/white mohair and sheep blend. I was seriously pondering some angora rabbit to turn into a cowl (sheep wool makes me itch) when Adam pulled up in the minivan with the kids.

20140621_172805In the afternoon, inspired by all that fiber, I hauled out the dye and wool roving Adam and the kids got me for my birthday and began dyeing experiments in the kitchen. Having little idea what I was doing, I had a bit of fun and dyed a pound of roving (I thought it was only 8 oz, oops!) and a few skeins of cream cotton yarn I had in my stash.

The wool came out lovely, bright and vibrant, although I think I felted it just a little bit (not enough to stop me spinning it, but now I know better for next time). The cotton, however, came out really faded and pale. I’m telling myself I’ll post a full write up about it on Irrepressible Spirit sometime but, given how behind I am on posting about my latest knitting projects, we’ll see if that ever happens.

Today (Sunday) we mostly hung out. Duncan and I went to the Spiritual Center I go to and then home for playing. As soon as we pulled in the driveway our neighbor friend across the street absconded with Duncan for some playtime.

I ate lunch and read my book while Berry and Emma had some TV downtime. Then I harvested some of the garlic while the girls set small things on fire on the patio with magnifying glasses (that’s science, right?).

Berry says this one is her favorite.

And then Berry and I hung out in the chair swing, making silly faces and taking selfies while Duncan snuck in some computer time (I thought he was reading, silly me).

What did we eat for dinner, you ask? (I know, no one is asking). Baked chicken with oven waffle fries, green beans the last of the garlic whistles. Unless I drag the kids to the farmer’s market on Tuesday to get some more…I bet I could bribe them with the promise of fresh raspberries.