The story of Maisie Bear

Berry helps to open presents
Berry helps to open presents

Before Berry’s first Christmas, her Dad and I went to Build-A-Bear and picked out a bear for her. We named her Maisie, after a distant cousin of mine.

She was only 8 months old that Christmas, although happy to help open presents. But she wasn’t really into stuffed animals for a while. And even once she was, it took a while for Maisie Bear to catch on.

I don’t remember when she suddenly decided that she loved Maisie Bear. Sometime in the last 2 years. Now she loves hearing the story about how we picked Maisie out just for her and gave Maisie to her for her first Christmas.

She especially loves the Paramedic outfit her Dad gave her last Christmas for Maisie Bear. She put it on her right away. Previously, Maisie had a pair of overpriced bear knickers, but those didn’t stay on for very long, as is the case with most of Berry’s dolls.

Paramedic Maisie Bear keeps watch.
Paramedic Maisie Bear keeps watch.

If ever there’s a medical emergency, Paramedic Maisie is there to take care of things. Band aid administration, ice packs for boo boos — Maisie’s got it covered.

When Berry needed an at-home sleep study, Maisie Bear sat at her side all night long to monitor things so I could sleep.

And Maisie Bear goes everywhere we’ll let her take her. Even to England and France this summer, then to New York to see her Dad and across the country on the way home. She’s a well-traveled bear.

Maisie goes to London
Maisie Bear enjoys London.

A week or so ago, I decided to dress one of Berry’s Build-A-Bear cats in Maisie’s clothing and let Maisie have a day of rest from work. I got her snuggled up in a nice, fluffy pink bathrobe.

Somehow, in the next few days, she became a naked bear again. It was almost funny to see her that way, I’d gotten used to seeing her dressed.

This morning, on Snow Day #5, I decided to get Maisie dressed in her Paramedic clothes again. It seemed time. Or perhaps I am just going crazy from the snow and the unrelenting joy of kids not going to school for a full week (after just having a week off for Thanksgiving).

So I dressed her, nice and smart in her outfit.

A few minutes later, as a footie-pajama-clad Berry refused to be persuaded to get dressed for the day, I noticed she was naked again.

So I questioned the girl.

“Why did you take Maisie’s outfit off? I just dressed her?”

“Mummy!” she said. “It’s not a work day for Maisie today. We have no school so she’s staying home!”

Maisie Bear is ready for a relaxing day at home.

Apparently, this means she doesn’t need to be in uniform.

So I dutifully trotted downstairs to the playroom and helped Berry choose some footie pajamas for Maisie, so she could be truly comfortable on her day off.

I think they were mine as a baby.