Two weeks of summer are under our belt (well, they were when I started this post on Tuesday). How are we stacking up against my original plans? Eh, generally OK. But I’m not sure how we could possibly fit more into our days.

Learning to ride bikes

We’re working hard on on this one, with two bike riding sessions so far. I was hoping for another yesterday (but we ran out of time) or today (but Duncan isn’t feeling well).

This happened on the way back to the minivan. For a long time.

We went down the paved trail by Amazon Park the first time (this also counted as visiting a playground) with one kid on the bike with the training wheels and one on the smaller bike I turned into a balance bike by taking off the pedals. I hear this is all the rage for helping kids to learn balance. Apparently not for my kids.

There was a lot of whining about who had to ride the balance bike, ending with a brilliant episode of stubbornness. Getting back to the minivan felt like it took hours.

Our second biking excursion generally went better, with one bike with training wheels and one without. I tried convincing the kids that the person on the bike without the training wheels got more attention the the kid on the bike with training wheels, but they didn’t really buy it. We switched up the bikes every 5 minutes or so, which meant adjusting both seats, but it was OK.

After a while, my poor back had enough of running behind a bike while keeping it upright and my ability to consistently spew encouraging words also wore out, so we headed to the playground across the street (see below).

Visiting every playground in Eugene

The kids insisted I give them commands to do things. This one was: Berry, lie down on the bench and sleep until Duncan wakes you up. Duncan, go down the slide 2 times, then go over to Berry and give her a kiss to wake her up.

We haven’t been anywhere new, but have been to our favorites. I mean, we have to visit them first, anyway, right? And, I think until I start hearing complaints that the old favorites have become boring, we’ll stick with them. It was more an idea to keep us interested in going outside and staying active.

Because that’s what a lot of these goals are really about — keeping minds and bodies active and not lounging around in our underwear watching Pokemon all day (confession: that is exactly what’s happening now, at 1:15 p.m.).

Reading our way through the OBOB book list

Duncan and Berry both finished Night of the Twisters by Ivy Ruckman and I think I’ve resparked Emma’s interest in her book. She was on Chapter 17 on Monday. I have to catch up with her again.

Duncan and Berry are now onto The Trouble With Chickens which I they should probably be reading right now instead of watching TV. Did I mention Duncan is feeling under the weather today?

I’ve certainly been reading a lot, finishing the latest Outlander book, then My Mistake by Daniel Menaker. Now I’m onto The Goldfinch, which is due at the library in three days. My kindle and I are inseparable.

So, even if we haven’t been doing a fantastic job of some of the other stated Camp Mummy goals: trying a new recipe every week, doing science experiments, crafting cool things, etc., we have been having a bang up time with those three Rs of summer: reading, riding bikes and roaming about.