The room juggle

At dinner on Thursday night, a friend of mine brought my attention to my remissiveness about posting about our home improvements.

I was mostly writing about them on the insider blog in 2006. First it was the new roof. Then the attic renovation.

First came the insulation removal. Yuck. It was filthy and I managed to get some in my eye, earning me a week of no-contact-lense-wearing. Then the re-insulation of the attic – during which my husband decided to listen to my “expert” advice and missed an important step, resulting in having to re-do half the insulation.

While I admit fault in steering him wrong and am pleased he heeded me, I’m still left wondering why he looked to me for home improvement instructions. He installed our new kitchen 2 years ago. I just stayed out of the way and ordered pizza. I paint, he installs and fixes things. That’s how it works around here. way

Anyway, the insulation went up over the summer. Then the drywall made it’s appearance.

We got it delivered from…hmm…Rochester Building Supply, I think. They wrangled their big boom truck down our little street and boomed it in through the attic window. Really, they were great. Someone came out before the delivery to actually measure the window and make sure it’d clear. It did — by 1/2″.

Now we’re onto the mudding. After that I’m told it’s painting, then carpet time, then I get to move my office up there!

Note: I won’t be doing the painting. I am 7 months pregnant and not that ambitious.

I will, however, be painting my office so that Duncan can move in here, freeing his room for the baby. The baby that will arrive sometime in the next 9-10 weeks. We have a deadline, people. This HAS to get done. (Can you sense the panic?)

Don’t worry, I have a plan. I’m in the midst of packing my office so that — if need be — I can go ahead and paint it and get it ready for Duncan before the attic is finished and ready for me. After all, it’s not like I’m going to be doing much filing right after Berry is born (yes, that’s what we’re naming her).

Between yesterday and today I have managed to pack 11 boxes of books, photos and CDs. Yet my bookshelves still aren’t bare. I do have a shelf full of books to either sell to a used book store or freecycle. And unfortunately, for painting to begin, the shelves all have to come down. At least we have 9 weeks, right?

One thought on “The room juggle

  1. “I’m still left wondering why he looked to me for home improvement instructions.”

    I think any husband would be able to explain that one to you. Plus, I remember trying to go over the correct way to do it and was dimissed because of lack of faith. Funny how the situation became me “look(ing) to me for home improvement instructions.” That’s really not my style.
    Love you honey,

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