The OTHER blog

I did it. It took me a few days to finally get it up and running, but I did it.

I created another blog.

A professional blog. A serious blog. A blog where I’ll have important things to say. Ha. Sure. Something like that.

Only a few people will get it’s name, Deliberate creation. But it makes me happy. I am deliberately creating my future, after all. And I’ve had a few questions about the domain, and my business, Aradnalis Productions. Think Oprah and Harpo Productions.

So. That’s the new blog update.

In Duncan news, he’s 4 months old today. He polished off almost a whole jar of organic applesauce and sweet potatoes at dinner. He’s actually enjoying tummy time now. He remains a wonderful, sweet and intelligent baby boy. And I feel so blessed to have him. We stared at each other for quite a while during his bath tonight. It was a wonderful moment or two of connecting with him.

I managed to rearrange the dining room a bit today, as well as finish up another MPI lesson. Four more to go and I’m done with that part. Then there’s some essay writing and testing and other stuff to do, but at least no more lessons.

And now I’m going to bed.

One thought on “The OTHER blog

  1. Sil, this is the first blog I’ve ever-ever-ever (thats three evers ya know) took part in. Crazy! It stared out when I read Paul’s RIT in the news email, where Susan Barnes was quoted in an Australian article – I read in the article about how she was amazed that if she Googled her name in Google images, pictures of her came up. So I Googled myself, nothing (whew!). So I Googled my co-workers, a few came up. Suprised? NOT! Okay, a past designer now print buyer’s image came up. It was a photo by that person of SIL! So I checked out (cool), and then read a little on the blog (cool) and then I checked out the SERIOUS blog… Nice lookin’ site (hey I’m a designer what do you expect)! And Now here I am typing away wondering why… huh… oh well…

    Great Blogs Sil. Great sites too. Duncan IS a cutie! 😉

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