The leaves of change

Agh. Just when you think you’ve got it all under control…

Wait, I never really thought I had it under control. But things seemed a little steady for a bit. A couple new clients, some steady work, some really interesting work (editing a book about enlightenment), the hope of new work in the pipeline.

I’ve been figuring out what I want to focus my time on, how I see my career going and what I’m happy spending time doing (and how much time). It seems that means my newly founded business and I aren’t going in the same direction. Or at least in the same direction as my business partner envisions.

Which is OK. Just odd. And kinda unexpected. And shaking things up.

So I’m going to focus on the things I really enjoy – writing in all its forms: copy writing newsletters and brochures and things like that, editing, web content, even proofreading. Maybe some Web services (though I’ll admit they’re not my favorite, but they do pay the bills). But not PR or media relations. I don’t mind writing the press release, I just don’t want to send it out and maintain relationships with folks in the media. I think that stems from a desire to still be one of the folks in the media and not on “the other side.”

This means I need a new business name. Damn it. GreenStone was just so cool. And I didn’t have to think of it!

Think think think think think