The last few days

In the last few days I have:

  • Given Duncan his first sponge bath
  • Had a melt down in the check out line at Wegmans
  • Not slept enough
  • Been peed on, pooped on and caught a lot of spit up in my nursing bra
  • Done a whole lot of laundry
  • Had the washing machine break down
  • Had my computer break down (it needed a new power supply which I managed to buy and install this morning)
  • Gone on my first solo trip (to CompUSA to get the power supply) leaving my little dude at home with the big dude
  • Taken a whole lot of pictures of the Cutest Baby In The World 😉

There’s probably more. Those are the ones I remember. And now here are the photos. 🙂

First bath

Changing table buddy

Mmmmmm….my hand

Tired mummy