The Internet blows my mind sometimes

What would life have been like if I’d have grown up with the ‘net as it is now?

Would I have finished university, taking online classes from my apartment? Or my mum’s house? Would I have had more friends in high school because it would have been easier for me to IM, e-mail or text them rather than talk in person? (Remember, I prefer writing to in-person conversations. I’ve never liked talking on the phone much – except to my Mum.)

I was thinking about that today while I was hanging out with Duncan.

And think of all the things I could have found out about people. Even now, there’s so much on the Internet I don’t know about and don’t seem able to keep up with. Like “missed connections” on craigslist. Holy crap.

I only found out about it because I got a Google Alert for my church and saw this post. (So is Paul the guy who was in the back row, or is Paul the guy that the guy in the back row thinks is “sexy and sweet”? Not judging, I met Kevin in church.)

I’m not going to be spending a whole lot of time checking out the missed connections. I wonder where “Eastway” Wegmans is, though. Could I have been the “CUTE milf“? That would require me to remember what Wegmans I went to, on which day, let alone some bald dude. Way too much work.
But reading other people’s posts and hopes to somehow hook up with someone they saw somewhere sometime, it’s crazy. Kinda good crazy. But still.