The gift of food

For two full weeks I was given the gift of food. And you know how I love food.

In what’s called a “food train,” my friends took turns bringing us dinner every night since Berry was born. Some people made home-cooked meals, some people did take-out, and some even brought wine. It was all delicious.

When Duncan was born, I opted out of the food train due to Kevin’s dietary restrictions — because I thought it’d be too hard for people and I didn’t want to impose. Asking people to cook and bring us dinner seemed like imposition enough. This time, well, this time my mum is here for almost a month (because I knew I’d need the help) and I have a toddler to take care of as well. So, I was all about the food train. Maybe I’m finally learning to ask for help from the people who care about me. Maybe. Not entirely sure about that one yet.

Sadly, the food train has ended. Which means we need to start ordering takeout ourselves. 😉 Hahaha. But it was good while it lasted. It was great. And I have 2 weeks of food memories to dwell on–the fire-roasted red pepper burritos, the heartwarming mac-n-cheese, sushi, spinach pasta with goat cheese and mushroom sauce, pizza, eggplant parmesan, rotisserie chicken and potatoes… ahh, the tastes and remembered eating satisfaction lingers.

I’m all stoked about cooking for my next mommy friend now. I’ve delivered a bunch of meals myself in the past, but now I truly realize the importance of extra helpings (lunch the next day) and side additions (wine, bread, salad). Oh, and disposable containers, which people were excellent about – I only have about 4 containers to return to people, one of them being a crock pot that was full of meatballs and spaghetti sauce that we’re still eating.

Of course, all this food consumption doesn’t really help with post-pregnancy weight loss. I’ve got the breastfeeding hungries, too and am still in the I-can-eat-anything pregnancy mindset where I really do eat anything (and everything). I am down 24 lbs, though (15 of those disappeared in giving birth). Which in less than 3 weeks isn’t so bad. But there’s another 23 lbs to go until I can fit in my size 8 jeans again.

I was debating (with myself) about whether or not to post Berry’s birth story or not. I put Duncan’s on the blog. But Berry’s is really long (4 pages in Word) and…well, I do talk about poop. It might me too much info.

Speaking of poop, a certain toddler just did one and is pretty stinky. Better go refresh his bottom.