The drunk blog

I’d forgotten how much I like margaritas. I think I have some tequilla in the cupboard. I should learn to make them at home. The problem with alcohol is that drinking it out gets so expensive, but drinking it at home on your own is no fun. It just puts me to sleep. Now why did I go for the double shot instead of the plain old single?

I’ve missed writing to myself publicly. Don’t know why I stopped, other than going to Philadelphia and having things to say that I couldn’t say to anyone in public. I wonder if mum every got my postcard. She never said. I worry about who reads this. I wonder what they think of me and instead of mindless drivel I try to stay off the mundane banter of my life and come up with something interesting to say. A writing exercise. Something to get my mind moving in words. Something I should do every day — like stretching in the morning to remind my muscles how to work. Maybe I’ll start doing that again too.

Maybe I’ll just get sucked into checking my e-mail now.