The Divine Plan

Even when we don�t know how or why, all things are in divine order.

And when we cease holding on to how things will come about, we flow with the energy of the river of life and we receive our perfect outcome.

It�s not easy being in the flow. Until you let go. Think less and trust more is something Spiritualists recommend often.

There are several times in my life when I have known that things will turn out all right, that change will be made for the better, even when I have had no real idea of how that change would be accomplished. And during those times I knew that simply letting go would enable the outcome to come into effect. That holding on or worrying or even wondering too much would hinder, even prevent it.

And profound changes occurred. I got my first job as a journalist. I met my second husband. I became pregnant with ease. My employer changed its maternity leave policy to something much better which benefits me so much more and enables me to take more time off with my baby. My husband found a good and stable job. The universe has come through for me in so many ways, especially lately.

I am in another of those times where I know if I let go I will have exactly what I need. I am in that flow of energy, even though I don�t really understand how it works yet.

It�s easy to forget that somehow this is all part of the divine plan. In this case, that my baby staying inside me with no sign of wanting to leave is somehow for the highest and best good of our little family. I do believe, I know, that when I give my thanks each night and ask for our highest good and for love and healing to be sent out to all those I love and am connected to that this is exactly what I will receive.

And since this is the essence of what I have been praying for � our highest good, rather than that Duncan is born immediately � I must step back from the controls and be part of the flow. I must trust that this is simply part of the grander plan, even though I don�t understand it. Think less, trust more. Give thanks. Believe in the best that can be. And let go. I�ll keep working on it.