The Countdown Commences

13 days to go…

Not that I haven’t been counting down since the moment I found out I was pregnant, sometime last November. November 2 or 3, I think it was. At least there was something to celebrate after the elections.

I’m trying not to let myself get impatient. I’m still almost 2 weeks before my due date. So what if I thought I’d be 2 weeks early. It’s not like I had any promises. And it’s OK that he’s cooking a bit longer. Honestly, if he’s born in the next fiscal year (which starts July 1) it’d be more convenient for both me and Kevin with vacation time, maternity leave, etc. But that means I have to wait until Friday.

Oh, right, I was going to not get impatient…

I tell Duncan every day (sometimes more than once) that I love him and will wait for him to be ready. That he’ll be born on his birthday. Whenever that is. But hopefully before July 15.

My midwife tells me that I have a 90% chance of giving birth between July 6 and 14. Either way, that’s only 9-17 days away. In less than 3 weeks, I’ll probably have a baby — outside of my body. I clearly have one on the inside right now.

Oh, that reminds me. I wanted to post this pic of some henna belly painting we did this weekend. Well, Kevin did it all. I just sat there and watched a movie.

The figure on the right is Isis. The one on the left is….some other Egyptian god. Phat. Something like that. The symbols at the top spell “Gustina” (we decided that his whole name was too long to paint the entire thing in hieroglyphs) and the stuff in the middle means something cool that Kevin also has a tattoo of. I can’t remember the exact translation, but whenever I hear it, it makes me think of Paul Young’s, Wherever I Lay My Hat, That’s My Home.

The painting continued after this picture was taken, so I now have henna tattoos on my thighs which say, I Love Nurses, Welcome Duncan, and Exit –> (with the arrow pointing down the leg…as one might imagine)

I hope that’s not entirely too much of a shot of my belly and underwear, but I thought it was cool. If I cropped it more, then you’d lose some of that nice belly roundness going on there. Please excuse any potential indecency. I have a feeling any sense of body privacy I still have is going to disappear once I’m squatting down in a determined attempt to push this gorgeous kid out of me.

Further updates as events (or lack of them) warrant.

2 thoughts on “The Countdown Commences

  1. Best of luck! My family will say a prayer for you and your little critter!

  2. You guys sure do bring a smile to my face —

    Kevin: I’m continually amazed by your talent and humor! And by the way … no turtles?

    Sil: If those beautiful drawings don’t have the nurses eating out of your hands (brownies that is) I can’t imagine what will!

    Wishing you a beautiful, peaceful, gentle, and calmmmmm birth…


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