The continued adventures of Duncan and Berry

Life continues on here. We’re looking forward to a long, if busy, weekend. It’s Emma’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon, followed by a family dessert birthday affair on Sunday evening. In between, I’ll be interviewing a potential summer babysitter and hopefully looking at a place for mum after we move this summer.

I’ll miss our back yard. But I won’t miss mowing it. And, as much as I like being environmentally friendly with our push mower…oh, my back doesn’t so much. Not with all the rain we’ve been getting and the resulting super-long grass.

Fortunately, kiddos often don’t seem to need all that much space. And Adam’s back yard is bigger than what we had in Rochester.

Here’s Berry enjoying some time outdoors with the T-ball set (in our yard):

From 2010-05 May

Not to leave Duncan out, here we are at church, having a pre-talent-show cuddle a couple of weeks ago:

(The dress was part of my costume.)

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  1. THat T-ball arrangement looks a bit “wrong”…

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