The compost update

It’s been cold and rainy here lately, so I haven’t been spending much time out in the garden. I haven’t even had a chance to go outside and take a picture of my new compost bin that Kevin (finally) built for me. Not only do I now have one compost bin — I have two!

We had a dismal yard sale last Saturday (which also cut into my gardening time). We made all of $20. But we got rid of a bunch of stuff (most of it at Goodwill on Sunday morning). And we gave away some slate tiles we had on the turtle tank to a guy who stopped by. As he was picking them up, Kevin was working on the compost bin. And he offered us one. 🙂

It’s one of those big round black plastic jobbies. I can’t remember the name right now. But it makes me so happy to see it next to my homemade one (2x4s and hardware cloth) behind the garage. I love it back there. I can’t explain why the smell of old leaves and decomposing vegetable matter makes me so happy and peaceful. But it does. Maybe because it’s the only private, quite, kid-free space in my little universe at the moment.

I also have a compost sifter to show off. It was my Mother’s Day present — the Compost Sifter 6000 is what Kevin calls it. I do have a picture of that. Somewhere. (I’m blogging from Kevin’s computer at the moment, I wonder if it’s on here?)

Here we go:

It is an awesome compost screen. I’ve been missing having one since I left mine in North Carolina (in 1999).

So now I’m set up with 2 compost bins (one to turn, one to add to), with the possibility of 3 bins in the future (the one Kevin made is expandable) an a compost screen. Lovely.

The garden looks like it’s doing well. The spinach and beets are growing. Everything I planted from transplants (from the nursery) look good, even through the cool weather lately. Somehow it’s more satisfying to see plants grow that I started from seed myself. Which has inspired me to take my Square Foot Gardening book and figure out the planting dates for everything I want to grow this fall and next spring based on the first and last frost dates.

Am I a gardening geek yet? I love this stuff. It makes me happy. And with 2 little kids and not a whole lot of time to myself, I need something to absorb myself in.