The Berry Project update

I don’t remember when I got cracking on getting things ready for Duncan’s arrival.

I know I was concerned with having everything done a month before his due date. Just in case.
The car seat was installed, the crib was up. Was his room painted? I don’t remember. I remember doing a lot of painting in mid-July — after his due date, as I was waiting. I could be wrong though.

This time we don’t have a lot of stuff to get. Sure, we need lots of size 1 diapers and some warm, girly 0-3 month clothing. But we pretty much have everything we need (except perhaps a new car seat, a swing and some boppy covers).

We do, however, have a lot of house stuff to finish. Like a room for the baby. Since I work from home, I can’t give up my office. Home office = mortgage payment. And while we stuffed Duncan into the little nursery/dressing room off our guest bedroom for more than a year, that’s now our bedroom and it’s full of dressers and things.

So Berry gets her own room.

…to be continued…the little guy just woke up from his nap (the one it took me 2 hours to get him to take in his new “big boy” bed).

One thought on “The Berry Project update

  1. I’m confused. He’s still in the nursery/dressing room? Or he’s in the guest room? Or you are?

    We totally bailed on this responsibility. We were going to make the second bedroom Boris’, but procrastinated. Ended up putting his Pack ‘n’ Play in Hamlet’s room (on the off chance he might sleep there) and attached his crib (sans 4th side) to our bed. And so we have our very own family bed. Lucky us!

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