It was really hard to come into consciousness this morning. I don’t remember hitting the snooze, that’s how asleep I was. Might have been a good way to stay.

The day so far:
1. I learned an important lesson about reading other people’s blogs/online diaries: sometimes, for your own peace of mine, it’s best not to. Sure, you learn some juicy stuff that no one would have otherwise told you about. But then you have to figure out what to do with that new knowledge and whether or not you’re going to let it affect your relationships with the people blogging, or blogged about.

2. I discovered some more poison ivy. On my boob this time (must’ve been all that talk about titties on the wallpaper). The products I have been using on my arm (the other afflicted area) haven’t been all that useful, since it’s still itchy and oozing. And one of them is a spray, which is tough to aim down my shirt without getting it on my clothes. So off to the pharmacy I went to prowl the aisle for products. A tube of TechNu and a bottle each of Ivy Block and rubbing alcohol (for the next hash) later, I’m all set. Now I have to figure out how to put on and wash off this stuff on my breast while at work. Maybe I can find a quiet bathroom. At a university. During finals week.

3. On my ride to and from the store, I think I got every single red light. Maybe that was just my imagination.

4. I’m reading “Peace Like a River” by Leif Enger for my book club which meets next week. I’m halfway through it (and it’s pretty good. It must be for this much work:) I got it out of the RIT library a couple of weeks ago — it’s a 14-day book, so it’s due today. I was going to renew it. But, no. Someone put a hold on it (they better not be in my book club!). So now I have to return this half-way read book and go to the public library and borrow it from there. So I did that at lunch. But I owe the library $38.50 in late fees. $15 of which is a “returned check” charge. It’s not really a bounced check — the check was good, except it had the wrong account number on it. It was missing a digit, somehow, when I ordered more in the midst of my move to the new house. And then the post office screwed up my forwarding address so I wasn’t even getting mail from the people who couldn’t bank my checks. Yeay.

So now I’m at the library, trying to pay my fine (the whole thing, I decided to make a $15 donation to the county’s libraries) so I can get out this book so I can return the RIT library book so the person who put a hold on it can get it and read it. But they won’t take a check from me now, will they?

I got the book, somehow. Maybe because I actually started hitting my head against their counter. I didn’t mean to. I hope I didn’t scare anyone.

5. I made it safely back to work. Actually found a decent parking spot for which I loudly thanked no one that could be seen. And then my back window wouldn’t roll up. Seems I have a dying motor back there somewhere. Sigh.

6. Every time I start iTunes to play some music on my computer, the whole thing crashes.

Can I go back to sleep now?

Tuesday update: 3:10 p.m.
As I stepped out the building to go to the campus library to return my book, I realized it was raining (hard not to realize with bit fat raindrops bouncing off the middle of your forehead). I left the moonroof down after lunch, it being such a nice day and all. So I returned the book. Walked back to my office. Got my car keys and headed to the car. My umbrella is in my car (in retrospect, I guess I could have gone there first).

The kicker for today, is that no one knows about my tedious complaints. My hosting service is fending off a denial of service attack and my web site is down. 🙁 By the time you read this, I’ll be in a much better mood.