Weekly writing update – Nov. 5, 2017: Rollercoasters

In the writing update video I recorded on Friday, I seem very happy about my productivity and progress this week. And I should be. I got some good stuff done that is helping me move forward. That’s great. What I totally forgot to mention in the video was the bottomless pit I stumbled into early…

Pumpkin catcher

Weekly writing update – Oct. 29, 2017: just hanging in there

There’s something that happens inside me when I get sick with an illness that makes me horribly tired. Some part of my emotional self thinks I’m 17 again and newly stricken with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrom and Fibromyalgia. I still remember that April. I thought I was ill with a cold or flu-like thing….

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Weekly writing update – Oct. 13, 2017: Progress is progress

Well, I got stuff done this past week. Was it enough? Who knows. It was something, though, and that really is better than nothing. I always want to do more than is reasonable to accomplish. Sometimes I can. And other times I have to settle for mere-human amounts of productivity. Given that I’ve published five…