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Broken finger, birthdays, art and travel

Here’s a summary of the past week:

  • Emma broke her little finger
  • Grandma Yayoe came over for a fun art afternoon
  • Duncan and Berry finished up summer camp
  • We celebrated birthdays
  • I got Duncan and Berry packed and ready for their trip to New York

You can’t say we haven’t been busy.

Afternoon art with Grandma Yayoe.

The broken pinky and afternoon art

Sweet Emma broke the pinky finger on her right hand (she’s right-handed) on Thursday morning at her mom’s house. At first, we thought it was just sprained, so when she came over in the afternoon, I manufactured a homemade splint and she got down to some serious artwork with Grandma Yayoe.

The boys couldn’t be persuaded to leave their computers, even though they are talented artists as well.

Yayoe brought over a mysterious substance from days long ago called carbon paper. I have vague recollections of the secretary at my dad’s office using carbon paper in the typewriter and of messing around with it myself. But I haven’t seen any in years. Neither had Yayoe — she found it at Goodwill.

End of summer camp

The end of summer camp week inevitably came, much to Berry’s sorrow. The kids went on a field trip to the Enchanted Forest in their tie-dye camp t-shirts and cemented their bonds with their camp counselors.

Meanwhile, I took Emma to the doctor to have her finger looked at. The swelling and pattern of bruising around her knuckle worried me. Something just didn’t feel right.

We got an appointment that morning, so I took kids to school, then Emma to the doctor. She got xrays. The pediatrician thought it was just a sprain so she got an impressive-looking professional splint (none of my Popsicle stick and gauze nonsense).

A radiologist read the xrays and called Adam later in the day. The verdict: a fracture near her knuckle in the growth plate. After a visit to an orthopedist a few days later, she ended up with a fiberglass cast for 3 weeks.

Birthday celebrations

Family dinner on the patio.

We celebrated a cluster of birthdays over the weekend – Adam’s on Saturday, Duncan’s on Sunday, Grandma Susie’s on Wednesday.

Saturday evening we hosted family dinner, enjoying BBQ chicken and various salads on the patio in the 92-degree evening. I didn’t get any good present opening pictures and the cake, while delicious, wasn’t truly impressive looking (Chocolate Mocha Torte aka Chocolate Potato Cake).

But presents were opened to the gift-receivers’ delight and Adam got the socks and underwear he’s always wanted.

Child-eating donut
A giant donut with teeth has eaten Duncan.

Sunday morning, I surprised Duncan with a trip to Voodoo Donuts for some healthy birthday breakfast. He got to choose two for him and one each for everyone else. Alas, no gluten-free donuts were to be found, but sugar makes me grumpy anyway.

Duncan opened his gifts, quite happy with his loot, almost all Minecraft- or Pokemon-related. He also asked for a Sorry! boardgame, so we had a round of that at some point, after putting together all the Minecraft papercraft boxes he also received.

Getting ready to leave

And then it was time to get the little kids ready to go to Rochester to see their for 5 weeks.

I got a bit maudlin and wrote about it on my other blog, Irrepressible Spirit.

Duncan crammed in as much time with his friends as possible — one sleepover, a birthday afternoon Minecraft spree, a trampolining play date, and a morning at another friend’s house. Berry and I hung out together, squeezing in one birthday party where she wouldn’t let me out of her sight. We were going to get in one more bike ride, but it strangely rained (unusual for summer in Eugene). And we’re not that hardcore.

I washed all the kids’ dirty clothes in order to pack them — plus a couple of stuffed animals that had become a bit stinky. And I took lots of pictures of them while they were asleep. So cute that way.

On Wednesday, we succeeded in using the kids’ coupons for a free crepe at 16 Tons, surprising Grandma Susie fortuitously with birthday cards and a present. Emma and Sam were at her house being put to work, so everyone came along.

Somehow, Duncan and Berry had never tasted Nutella before. Clearly I have failed as a mother. I made up for it with a hot chocolate to go with it. I ate salad and drank jasmine tea. Then we zipped over to the airport to surprise their Dad as he arrived.

We made final trip preparations, getting their case packed to its full 50lb weight limit with Pokemon cards and stuffed animals. And then it was time for dinner, bath and bed, our normal routine. We finished Duncan’s last Looniverse book, and crept through a little more Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, sadly leaving Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing unfinished. I popped it into his carry-on bag. We’ll see if he manages to read it by the time he returns.

early morning wakeup3:30 a.m. Thursday morning arrived and I woke up the kids, sleepily getting them dressed and fed and packed into their Dad’s car at 4 a.m. Off they went, as I waved through the living room window, the car’s taillights disappearing into the morning’s dark.


What will the remainder of the summer bring for Camp Mummy?

Well, with a cast on her right hand, bike riding and swimming are out for Emma. So I’ll have to come up with something more creative for the days she’s home with me. Hiking? Reading? Board games? Stay tuned.

The Weekend at Camp Mummy/Poppy

We like to keep things interesting on the weekends at Campy Mummy/Poppy (Poppy is the additional camp counselor available on weekends and the odd weekday).

This weekend was the Black Sheep Gathering at our local fairgrounds. With free admission! So we headed there on Saturday morning and wandered around for a bit.

Yep, here are the stinky sheep!

It was easy to find the live animals…they carry quite a fragrance.

The kids enjoyed looking at the sheep in pens and watching a sheep be groomed for showing (Duncan and Adam pointed out that it was a boy sheep) and briefly looking at — and touching — all the fiber-related wares on sale. As I told one stall owner, it’s like they’re related to me or something, with their obsession with touching everything. Fortunately at a fiber gathering, people expect you to touch stuff.

I cruelly didn’t allow them to buy anything. Only Berry wanted to. Buy everything she saw, as soon as she saw it, particularly a purple goat marionette that we let her play with briefly before dragging her on.

And then Adam took them off to the library to acquire numerous books while I wandered around, in bliss, alone. Well, alone with the sheep and hundreds of other people.

I pondered for a while whether or not I’d get on better with animals than people. That perhaps I’ve missed my calling. It felt so peaceful with just the sheep and I, compared with the buzzing of all the people milling around the stalls.

I joined them, anyway, bringing home only 2.5 oz of raw alpaca fiber from an alpaca named Pedro and about 8 oz of a really pretty green/blue/white mohair and sheep blend. I was seriously pondering some angora rabbit to turn into a cowl (sheep wool makes me itch) when Adam pulled up in the minivan with the kids.

20140621_172805In the afternoon, inspired by all that fiber, I hauled out the dye and wool roving Adam and the kids got me for my birthday and began dyeing experiments in the kitchen. Having little idea what I was doing, I had a bit of fun and dyed a pound of roving (I thought it was only 8 oz, oops!) and a few skeins of cream cotton yarn I had in my stash.

The wool came out lovely, bright and vibrant, although I think I felted it just a little bit (not enough to stop me spinning it, but now I know better for next time). The cotton, however, came out really faded and pale. I’m telling myself I’ll post a full write up about it on Irrepressible Spirit sometime but, given how behind I am on posting about my latest knitting projects, we’ll see if that ever happens.

Today (Sunday) we mostly hung out. Duncan and I went to the Spiritual Center I go to and then home for playing. As soon as we pulled in the driveway our neighbor friend across the street absconded with Duncan for some playtime.

I ate lunch and read my book while Berry and Emma had some TV downtime. Then I harvested some of the garlic while the girls set small things on fire on the patio with magnifying glasses (that’s science, right?).

Berry says this one is her favorite.

And then Berry and I hung out in the chair swing, making silly faces and taking selfies while Duncan snuck in some computer time (I thought he was reading, silly me).

What did we eat for dinner, you ask? (I know, no one is asking). Baked chicken with oven waffle fries, green beans the last of the garlic whistles. Unless I drag the kids to the farmer’s market on Tuesday to get some more…I bet I could bribe them with the promise of fresh raspberries.

Berry sewing a cute cuddley thing

20140618_104351It’s me. Berry. I just finished my cuti wooti wittow stuffy!





It’s me again, Berry. I’m cooking lunch/food for everyone. In this exact picture, i’m making a    roast beef & cheese & butter sandwich for my sister Emma.



20140618_135343 I’m at Cheese/Washington park building village ruins destroyed by an ancient   dragon. my brother Duncan, is building The Dragon.