Swimming like a little fish

We had a sleepover at Adam’s house on Friday night — first taking the kids swimming at Tamarack Pool, where the water is salty and warm.

Coordinating such field trips takes a little doing – packing our stuff that morning before work (ideally, the night before, but I still can’t seem to get lunch made the night before), making a picnic dinner (to be eaten in the car on the way there, and rushing home from work to get the kids, load them into the car and leave again.

Still, it worked out well and was a nice change.

I didn’t expect Duncan to be terribly enthusiastic about swimming, as he never has been. This was Berry’s first experience, so I didn’t know what to expect. I knew she’d be excited about wearing her Strawberry Shortcake swim suit, but beyond that…

It turns out that Berry is really part fish, much like me. She was eager to put on arm bands and paddle around with me and readily got the concept of kicking. But the time we left, about an hour later, she even did a little floating on her own. She also got Adam to zoom her around the pool at super fast speed, while I got arm bands on Duncan and took him out for a few laps.

It was a good time and I’d like to take them more often. For Duncan, it would be good for him to get acclimated and over his trepidation. And, for Berry, she clearly loves to be in the water and will probably learn to swim quickly.