Surviving my first garbage plate

Until Saturday, I had been in Rochester for 5 1/2 years and I had never eaten a garbage plate. I was fine with that.

However my best friend from childhood, Robyn, who was visiting from Montreal was not. She’s been here a few times. Never had the local “delicacy.” Thought it was time to try it out. Plus she’s in training for master’s swimming so she’s burning a trillion calories a minute just breathing (unlike my Weight Watchers self).

Since she was in it for the full experience, no substitions would do. That meant Nick Tahou’s. However, Duncan’s schedule and other people’s dinner schedules often don’t jive so we sent Kevin for takeout.

He came back with 3 styrofoam containers (because it’s not like we could have shared) dripping with grease. As I was taking them out of the bag I thought maybe the hot grease had eaten through the styrofoam. But no, it was just so full that it seeped out the side.

I should have taken pictures. I didn’t. I apologize. Kevin took some with his phone while he was there, but we haven’t figure out how to get them off without paying Verizon 25 cents a photo.

In any case, I ate it. Or most of it. I clearly didn’t have enough beer before hand (Duncan was already asleep at this point, hence the need for takeout) because I was told I looked “disgusted” as I dug in. I thought it needed more salt and way less raw onion. But as I was eating it, it somehow became midly addicting and I wanted to eat more even as my body begged me not to.

For more info, see a 2004 insider article, a page which includes a link to the nutritional info of a garbage plate (don’t go there…wish I didn’t), the RocWiki entry and how to eat a garbage plate (the amount of ketchup they suggest sounds about right).

After a couple of days to digest, I can say I survived. And I’m back on Weight Watchers.

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  1. Been in Rottenchester all my life and have never eaten a garbage plate. I checked out the link and now I am glad I never have. You are much braver than I.

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