Super laundry woman strikes (for the first time)

I feel like superwoman.I just got a grease stain out of my top.

My friend’s husband is Super Laundry Man. Mike can get stains out of anything, he knows how to separate the lights from the darks. He probably even folds the laundry when it’s hot out of the dryer so it doesn’t crease.

My mum taught me all that stuff — and the only time I didn’t separate my clothes was when I was in college using the apartment’s laudromat — but I’m just not equipped somehow. I’ll cook. I’ll manage the finances. But do I have to do the laundry as well? (The answer in this house: yes. I’m more equipped than Kevin or Duncan — for now, at least.)

So when I get stains in my clothes I feel helpless. I usually wear them anyway for a while, then ignore them in my closet, then finally turn them into rags (which I also don’t use as, unlike paper towels, they need to be washed, creating yet more laundry). In this case, it was a stain in a new maternity top that I’d just bought (maternity top, you say? Why are you wearing those? ooops. Forgot to tell you something. More on that some other time). As I expand, my wardrobe shrinks. And I like this top enough to buy another one if it’s ruined.

But first, I googled “grease stain.” Not sure how I got the stain. Either from a plate of cauliflower cheese that Duncan pulled me into or dessert. In any case, it was on my left boob area — very, very obvious.

It turns out that talc is the grease stain saviour. I just sprinkled (OK, so I went totally overboard and covered the whole area) some talc powder on the stain, beat it out of the fibers of the shirt and NO MORE STAIN! I was prepared to try the dish liquid solution next, but figured I’d try the method that didn’t involve doing more laundry first. I’m so psyched! I have something to wear!

Oh, and yeah, I’m 15 1/2 weeks pregnant. 🙂 Due mid-April 2007. We’re pretty happy about that, too.

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  1. Hey, congrats – on the baby too! 😉 Hopefully we can both make the two-kids-while-freelancing gig work….

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