Strawberry jam

I’ve been quite productive today – even with somene’s feet jammed in my ribs.

It’s my church’s annual yard sale today (29 Vick Park A, between Park and East avenues, all day today and tomorrow) so I showed up at 8:30 a.m. to volunteer and with a couple of boxes of stuff that we can stand not to have in the house/attic anymore.

They told me I looked tired and unwell and that I should go home, that they had enough people helping and didn’t need me. And I was. So I did. Nothing serious (the looking unwellness) – I just hadn’t put any makeup on and people always think I’m ill-looking in my natural state. Or really tired. And I am a bit.

Kevin started a new job which requires him to get up at 3:45 a.m. Which means I also wake up at 3:45 a.m., make one of my several nightly bathroom trips, make sure he’s really up and awake and not going back to sleep, then go into the other bedroom to continue my slumber.

I guess in a way it’s like practice for when Duncan is here – there’ll likely be quite a few getting-up-in-the-nights and having to function and do things then going back to sleep. Fortunately, I go back to sleep easily.

So between that and growing a new human life that is taking up more and more room in my abdominal cavity, I am a bit worn out.

So what better time to stand up for 3 hours and make strawberry jam? (that links goes to the recipe I used)

I don’t think any of them read the blog too often, so I can probably safely divulge this – the jam is for thank you gifts for the folks banding together to throw our baby showers. We had one in early May and another next weekend. Several people are involved in each one, so I needed multiple gifts that were inexpensive and easy to get/make. I thought I’d make candles, but gave up after 2 of them. (You can only make 1 candle at a time with the kit I have and it was taking at least an hour per candle, then you have to let it cool and harden before you can make another one, which means candle per day, which translated into forever making candles and having wax all over the kitchen.)

Jam = 2-3 hours of hulling and smashing strawberries, spilling sugar, making a jammy mess, dropping jars trying to get them out of the post-jam water bath and burning myself with hot water. But now it’s done. 🙂 And I have 124 oz of yummy strawberry jam. Most of which I’ll give away 🙁 (Yes, Mum, you get a jar next weekend, too.)

I was going to take pictures. I meant to. I really did. But I kept forgetting to get the camera on my pee-breaks and didn’t want to make an extra trip up the stairs. So, instead, I can only offer the jam jar label.