Still obsessing about my weight

I got an e-mail from a friend saying that I must be busy as I haven’t blogged in a bit.
I have photos from swimming 10 days ago that my mum took that I’ve been meaning to post. So I guess it has been a while. Oh well. Busy I am.

This diet thing is working. Amazingly. When I was pregnant, I decided that not only would I lose all my preggo weight (50 lbs), but when I was done I’d be 10 lbs under my pre-preggo weight (161 lbs). I’m almost there — only another pound or two. Since I started Weight Watchers (unofficialy spokesperson that I’ve now become, I need to sign up for their affiliate program), I’ve lost about 14 lbs. In 2 months.

I started the day Duncan turned 8 months, realizing that whole 9-months-on, 9-months-off deal wasn’t going to happen without some effort on my part.

I’m just kinda amazed that it’s worked so well. I keep thinking my scale must be playing tricks on me, but the number just keeps getting lower. Is it because I’m still nursing? I’ve heard from a bunch of mums who said that after they stopped breastfeeding, they lost 5-10 lbs, like the body holds onto some fat to keep some backup fuel for producing milk. Now, there is at least 5-10 lbs wiggle room for a healthy weight for this bod. I think the BMI calculations say that I should be somewhere between 125 and 165 lbs to be a healthy weight.

Personally, I think those are insane as I’d be an unhealthy stick figure at 125 lbs. At 150 I’m a size 6/8. At 165 I’m a 10, which still isn’t overweight.

Anyway. I wasn’t going to obsess about weight and BMI. I was going to celebrate going through my closet and chucking out half my clothes. 🙂 The stuff that doesn’t fit and will never fit because I’m not going to magically become a size 4 or 2″ shorter or have breast reduction surgery. The stuff that I have no right wearing at a 29-year-old mother and professional woman.

Some stuff was from the gigging days when a bit of cleavage was a good thing. And I’m by no means going to start wearing turtlenecks all the time. I’m more comfortable now with being a bit sexy than ever. Weird how producing new human life does that. But there’s sexy and then there’s my-clothes-are-too-small-but-I’m-in-denial. I’m no longer in denial. And the clothes are in bags, ready to be donated to a good cause.

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  1. Congratulations! It sounds like you’re doing awesome. I’ve lost 27 pounds on WW and I still have like 50 to go. I’m with you on the at 125 you’d be a stick. I’m a size 9 in juniors (TINY) at 140. So I’d look like a bobblehead at 125. 🙂

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