Still around

I got an e-mail from my Dad commenting that I hadn’t posted to the blog in a while and that I must be busy taking care of Duncan.

(He also asked if I’d received a package from him — to everyone else who has so generously sent us baby gifts, I have received it, even if I haven’t e-mailed or called to let you know. And the thank you card is finally in the mail! 🙂

Back to being too busy to blog. I have been writing thank you cards. And I have been spending lots of time with Duncan, of course.

Unfortunately, I’ve had some other stuff going on with going back to work that I didn’t expect to deal with.
I’ve always tried to keep this blog and work separate things. I don’t blog about my bosses or coworkers, or even stuff that happens. Well, except for Ben & Jerry’s free scoop day! 😉 But that’s more of a public service announcement…

And when I was out gigging and playing music I didn’t blog as much as I wanted to about the places I played at. I had a lot of stories I could have told. I wish I had. But I think I was worried about retribution of some kind.

Like that Earthtones Coffeehouse was going to not book me again if I mentioned publicly that they’re one of the many places in Rochester that doesn’t pay musicians. And that the tips really weren’t that great most nights. I did have a couple of good gigs there, though. And that Zamar Cafe made my buy my own dinner. Both places I decided I didn’t want to play at after a few gigs because it didn’t work out well for me. Not that they’re places you shouldn’t go and get coffee at.

But I digress.

I don’t talk about these things because it ends up sounding bitchy. And that’s not my intent. And I’m too tired and cranky right now to come up with humorous ways of saying things and putting them in a light so we can laugh at them together.

I should have taken a nap today, because I don’t feel like laughing right now.

My original point was that I’ve been afraid to mention any work stuff at all. And while I’m probably not really going to start now, beyond that, I haven’t even wanted to blog about getting my freelance career going. Because I never wanted my boss to read it and wonder if/when I was planning to leave. And then ask me about it. And have that awkward conversation.

I think the time has come to stop worrying about that stuff. 🙂

If my blogging quiets down, it’s not just Duncan’s day-to-day stuff I’m taking care of. I’m busy working on keeping him out of daycare and home with his mummy.

Anyway, here are some Duncan pics. I can probably prattle on about anything as long as I put up cute baby pics.

Starting from the top they are:
first smiles;
church/golfing outfit he’s already growing out of!;
cuddly cuteness after a bath last week;
and posing earlier today in a new outfit from Kevin’s Uncle Mike and Aunt Rachel.

I would like to note that the outfit is size 3-6 months. And it’s not terribly big on him. He’ll be 8 weeks on Wednesday.