Mum’s diagnosis

Mum was diagnosed with liver cancer on Friday (June 3, 2011). She had been getting care through Volunteers in Medicine and seeing a primary care physician there.

A couple of weeks ago, she was recovering from a cold/virus of some kind and continued to have symptoms, like shortness of breath, and made an appointment to see her doctor that week. She’d also had a couple of attacks of severe pain in her abdomen and it felt hard and swollen.

Her doctor sent her for a chest x-ray and did some blood work. She got the results of the x-ray last Tuesday (May 31) – it showed multiple nodules in her lungs. So her doctor send her for a CT scan of her abdomen on Thursday (June 2). The CT scan showed several nodules in her abdomen, an enlarged gallbladder and a large nodule/tumor in her liver.

Her primary care doctor is 100% certain that it’s cancer. More blood work shows that it originated in her liver and has spread to her lungs.

She’s been referred to an oncologist at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and has an appointment on Wednesday (June 8).