Small successes

Something big has been crossed off my to-do list.

I just ordered brochures for Earthscribe. Phew.

If you’re curious to see what it’s all about, you can view the PDF here. Please, don’t find any typos. I just ordered 1000 of them from Vista Print. I had a good deal on 500 at $100, but then they threw in another 500 for $40. I figured it was worth it.

(EDIT: Whoever finds the typo first gets a prize! 🙂 Yes, I found a typo less than an hour after placing my order. After staring at it for days and re-writing the 2nd paragraph under web consulting services about 5 times. That’s not where the typo is though.)

Business cards are also on their way as I ordered those a week ago (along with some free fridge magnets). 🙂 And the website is getting there. I still need to add some examples to my portfolio, plus I want to beef up the whole “results” part of it. You know, what my work did for each client. It has a little more impact than just saying, “here are a bunch of cool press releases I wrote.” Plus I want to link to this blog from there. I think I can pull off blogging about work without running into too much trouble.

Of course, after I cross all those things of my to-do list, I’ll have to actually go looking for clients. Approaching people I don’t know. Making cold calls. Selling myself. I do have a semi-formed plan for that and what kinds of clients I want. I just hope I’m as successful as I believe I’m going to be.

One thought on “Small successes

  1. You will be more successful than even you think. A beautiful job and a fantastically talented person behind it.
    spirits bless,

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