Smacking into the first day of summer

I’d planned for the first weeks of summer to be filled with fun and shrieks of laughter. Lots of running around the yard, making crafts, climbing around like monkeys. For the kids, anyway.

One of the monkeys will have to learn to clime one-handed.

Yesterday afternoon, we got home and Duncan got on the computer to skype Kevin. Berry decided she wanted a rest in my bed, so she climbed on in. Apparently she then wanted to blow her nose, so she reached for the tissue box on the bedside table. And reached. And reached. And fell off the bed, bumping her arm on the way down.

From the wails, I knew something was wrong. I calmed her down and found out what happened and put ice on the swelling bump. She kept the ice on for a long time and didn’t move her arm much that night. I was worried. My mummy senses had perked up. Something didn’t feel right.

We showed the arm to EMT Daddy on the webcam for his diagnosis. He gave me some things to watch for and I kept an eye on her until bed time. She seemed mostly OK, but was reluctant to do certain things – like pull down her undies to go to the bathroom.

This morning she seemed fine, but still had less of a grip in her left hand when squeezing my fingers. She was using her hand and seemed in no pain. But I called the nurse line anyway. And one of my favorite pediatricians was free at 9 a.m. So off we went.

On the way, she handled her snack and drink as if nothing was wrong. I felt a bit foolish bringing her to the doctor. But I just had a hunch.

In the doctor’s office, she played with a wire and bead toy with no problem. No sign of distress or soreness. The swelling had gone and there was no bruising. It was tender in one spot.

We got sent for an x-ray. It involved quite a bit of waiting:

And revealed the cutest bones ever:

In this second one (taken from the side) you can see a bulge near her wrist. That’s a greenstick fracture. Apparently her bone bent, but didn’t break.

It showed more on the computer monitor (this is a pic from my cell phone).

This is the result:

It stays on for 3 weeks. Hopefully. And then we go back for another x-ray to make sure it’s healed OK.

That was our exciting foray into the first day of summer. Hope yours is better.

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  1. Oh, I feel for you. I have such a hard time seeing my own daughter get hurt. I’ve heard those wails before, when my daughter was very young she touched a hot oven, and those cries were unmistakable. She was hurt and there was very little to do to make the pain go away. I hope your daughter heals up nice and soon.

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