Sitting at the airport

I’m on my way to pick up Duncan and Berry from Rochester after 2 weeks of visiting their Dad. Judging from the facebook posts and phone calls, I think they’ve been having fun.

Duncan now possesses the incredible ability at age not-quite-six to carrying on lengthy text message conversations with me. They even make sense. I haven’t been in touch with the kids this visit as much as I have in prior ones and I miss them lots. Yet I respect their need to have a relationship with their Dad independent of me and want to give them the space for that to exist. Plus, when Berry misses you, she prefers to ignore you. It’s easier for her.

I’ve been back to work on and off over the last couple of weeks – about 2 days each week. It’s exhausting right now. But it’s also good to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully I’ll be able to manage when I’m working full time and have kids full time. While I miss them, having a break has also given me some space in my head and quiet time to begin to sort things out.

My first flight (of three) is boarding, so I’ll dutifully wait in line. Perhaps other airports will have power and free WiFi, too. 🙂