Silandara�s Christmas Catch-up Letter 2002

I have a point in doing this. More later, for now here is 2002’s missive.

Silandara’s Christmas Catch-up Letter 2002

Another revolution around the sun. Seems like life used to change more in a year than it has this time around.

The highlights from 2002:

Celebrated a quarter-century of life with lunch at my favourite restaurant. I can never again return to this restaurant due to a spontaneous birthday spanking in front of the restaurant�s staff.
Hobbes (my almost-11-year-old female ginger tiger) got a boyfriend when I adopted Tiger (since renamed Oscar by my mum) � a grey and white, 11-year-old, cat of a friend�s mum seized by animal control. I nursed him back to health from an icky upper respiratory infection. He�s now mostly a lovable thing when he�s not trying to drink of out of the toilet.
Played my first solo gig on my birthday.

Opened for the Vagina Monologues at RIT with Oak (my band) in front of our largest audience yet. Of course, 15 minutes before we were scheduled to start, I took it into my head to run across campus to get something to eat. We got through it OK, but the guitarist will never let me forget it.

Safely enjoyed my second annual ice-skating adventure. (I fell on my arse the first year when I got brave enough to leave the safety of the side of the rink.)
Also, ran down Monroe Avenue in a green prom dress for the St. Patrick�s Day hash.

Gigged in a supermarket for the first time. An organic, vegetarian-friendly co-op, of course.
Became a board member on the Rochester Music Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to energizing Rochester�s music scene (www.rochestermusiccoalitionlorg).
I also learned and was attuned to Reiki I, an energy healing modality. Great stuff, Reiki.

Went to my first hashing weekend in Harrisburg, Penn., with a friend and some Rochester hashers. I had such a good, relaxing time, naked midnight run and all. (See for hashing info if you don�t know what I�m talking about.)
Visited New York City for the first time. Loved it.

Virgin visit to Atlantic City. The casinos gave me a headache.
Spent a weekend in a tent on Sylvan Beach (somewhere near the Adirondacks, but not quite). Stopped wearing a watch.

Oak played at ACME Bar and Pizza on Monroe Ave. � our longest and most prosperous gig to that date. Went great until the locals started heckling after midnight (all our friends had gone home by then).
Enjoyed David and Kelly�s 5th annual boxer short and lingerie party where I met a guy who later refused to date me. His loss � it made me move on to better things (see August).
Went to my third wedding (not mine) and realized some important things about relationships.
Enjoyed Harem 2002 for a few good weeks (again, see August).
Went house hunting for a few weeks before giving up in disgust at the crazy-competitive Rochester housing market. I was outbid on two houses for which I offered the full asking price.

Met my future sister-in-law (my brother�s true love) and actually enjoyed an afternoon tanning and playing in the waves on South Beach, FL. Met my own love who I can unabashedly say I�m madly in love with (and another future sister-in-law, if you think about it, since he has a lovely sister).
Played my second solo gig at a coffee house before a healing/meditation service put on by some spiritually minded friends.
Went kayaking for the first time. What fun!

The 30th annual Golden Link Turtle Hill Folk Festival. I paid my ticket by volunteering for six hours and camped in a tent for the weekend. What an experience, all those folkies, all that talent. I learned to swing dance (and discovered tie-dye underwear!).
Celebrated 11 years in the United States and two in Rochester with a dinner for eight at my apartment (at which I had to ask guests to bring chairs for their dates as I didn�t have enough).
Quit school again. I keep being told (by Spirit, by my friends and by my mother) that I need to focus on ONE thing � music. So I spent some time winnowing down the things I put my energy into and music once again gains top priority. School got winnowed out. I got this far without it, after all�

My second annual camping trip with a bunch of friends. We went to Watkins Glen, NY.
Had lunch with Magic Johnson. He came to RIT for Brick City Festival � a parent/alumni weekend thing.

Spend a lot of time with Kevin.

Dressed up as an 80s punk rocker chick for Halloween. They say that what you dress as for Halloween you�ll end up being for the next year�

Reiki II class.
Spent Thanksgiving with Kevin�s mum�s side of the family. Had a couple of glasses of wine and a great time.
Found a new favourite restaurant.
Oak broke up so now I�m one little nut all on my own. That�s OK. Watch for details of where I�m going.

Visited Chicago for the first time. Impression: not much windier than Rochester, no colder. I just don�t go walking around downtown Rochester at night when it�s 15 F.
Decided Christmas this year could do with being a little simpler, a little lighter, a little less.
Started house hunting again. Wish me luck.

I sum up the year for you partly for selfish reasons. It gives me a good look at what I�ve learned, even when I think I haven�t learned anything. Seems like there�s still been a lot of firsts and a continuation of tradition. Which is what I want for myself: to keep learning, growing, changing, creating, while maintaining stability and growing roots.
I sincerely hope 2002 has treated you well. Thank you for being a part of mine.

Merry Christmas, Season�s Greetings, a joyful Yuletide and Solstice to you.
May Spirit bless you and yours.