Signs of Easter: the presents arrives

Easter must be around the corner – a box of presents appeared in the mail late this past week. Duncan and Berry were as eager as ever to tear into them. Within the box of goodies, they each found a pink t-shirt with an iron-on transfer for a treble clef and a music note, a cuddly Easter bunny and some flowers from Grandma and Papa Rog.

You can witness the opening here:

It was a hit.

It took a few days (and finding a t-shirt to fit Berry so they kids can wear them this year – why don’t they make an XS in the t-shirts at Michaels?) but we got the iron-on transfers ironed on and the kids happily modeled them.

From 2010-03-March

Berry wanted to do some additional modeling – this was her “mean look”:

From 2010-03-March

And then Duncan wanted to take his pink shirt off to reveal his Dora shirt underneath and pose with his favorite girl. He’s told me that, essentially, he loves her more than me. He loves Dora beyond the stars, the moon and all the planets in space. He loves me as far as he can stretch his arms.

From 2010-03-March

Duncan would like to say thank you to Aunt Karen and Uncle Jonny for bringing this specific Dora into his life. The ribbon headband and flowers were added at his request. The flowers are from the leis that we got at the Hawaiin place during our trip to Disney World last year.

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  1. Berry and Duncan: you are each my idol, in your own ways!! ~ karen, from the old days.

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