Saying hello means saying goodbye

As part of my imminent new business launch, I’m cleaning up and consolidating my Web sites.

I’ve got a bunch of domains and some point to one place, others to another. For a while I had a Web site promoting my musical ventures (, one for my Web site business ( – which I think I still own but the business has been dormant/gone for a long time) and another for freelance writing ( and Oh, and then there’s the music publishing company I created to publish/distribute/release my last 2 CDs, Aradnalis Productions (

In a moment or two, all of those addresses will either point here or to the new commercial writing business site.

What I find hard to do is to take down the old stuff. Playing music professionally isn’t in my near future. That’s OK. It’s something I did for a few years, that I really wanted to try doing. And I did it. I decided that I didn’t ultimately want to do the things I felt were necessary to be successful professionally — like tour and live off people’s couches. That didn’t jive with being married, owning a home and starting a family.

But taking down the pages with my CDs and photos from gigs…it’s hard. It’s bittersweet. I’m in a different place now and I don’t want to promote that side of myself. Still, removing it from the public eye kind of means it doesn’t exist anymore. I still have people ask me — 2 years after I stopped gigging — if I’m still playing out. It’s really sweet they remember and know it’s something that was so important to me. But, no, I’m not gigging. It doesn’t fit into my life right now.

The other thing that’s I’m not sure about is what to do about my old blog. I moved a lot of my old posts over to WordPress when I switched blogs a while back. But not all of them. I’ve been blogging about various things on “Silandara’s blog” since March 2002. On one hand, I don’t know that I want THAT much of my history out there for folks to read. On the other, it seems a shame to take it offline. (I’ll save it locally, of course, so it’s not gone forever.)

Anyway, that’s the fascinating update on this end. Better get back to that .htaccess file and its custom redirects.