Saying Goodbye

Mum’s memorial service was yesterday morning. It went well. Christopher and I gave the eulogy. Several people did readings. Friends had a chance to speak. I sang Another Star in the Sky, which I wrote when Nanny passed into spirit.

Here’s the eulogy and song.

I’m glad we’re moving through all the things that need to be done, checking each one off. It’s hard, though. I’ve been slowly going through the things in her apartment. We’ll keep some of it, but most of it needs to find a new home.

I sorted through her clothes and shoes and donated them to Womenspace on Friday. She had 42 pairs of shoes — most of which were high heeled sandals. Shame we aren’t the same size. I’m packing up her multitude of books which I think we’ll donate to…oh, it’s name escapes me now…but my mother-in-law-equivalent has that covered. They sell them on ebay and use the funds for the legal services they provide.

I need to post some of the larger items on craigslist: her bedroom furniture, patio furniture, couch, dining room table and chairs. And then have an estate sale, hopefully next weekend.

The kids are doing OK, although are showing signs of regression — like both Duncan and Berry peeing in their beds last night. And Emma woke up with growing pains. There seems to be more frequent breaking down into tears, too. D and B will be going to their Dad’s for two weeks soon, which I think will be a good break for them. They’re looking forward to “Daddy Camp.”