Saturday update

My brain can’t seem to think in full sentences at the moment.

Mum seems to get a bit weaker every day. She’s on medication for high blood pressure and a diuretic for swelling now. Along with a steroid to give her some energy, cough medicine for the previously unending cough, something for her liver and narcotic pain medication. The Hospice nurse brought over a medication sorter-outer, with boxes for each day, but I have yet to figure out what to put where to get it set up.

She’s having a lot of visitors. Which is nice, yet an exhausting whirlwind. Hospice comes again today and I think a bath aide starts next week at 3 times a week.

Mum’s not up for reading and answering emails at this point and talking on the phone is getting harder for her. I’m happy to read email to her (although I may not manage a reply either), so feel free to send it to me at My cell is 541-525-5144.

At this point, I’m not holding out hope for a curative miracle. Kevin and I have talked to Duncan and Berry via Skype about Nanny’s body not working anymore and that, when it stops working, she’ll die. It’s a hard truth, but one they need to know is coming.

It’s hard to hold sentences together when you keep getting interrupted…

People are asking what they can do to help. I haven’t quite figured that out yet. Meals are helpful – although we’re something of a large and difficult crowd to feed. I’m gluten-free, Adam is vegetarian, and then we have 4 kids.

More later. I’m off to Mum’s now.

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  1. I’d like to tell all Joanna’s friends how much I’ve noticed and appreciated your support. She is an amazing woman, as is her mom. Thank you all for your kindness to people I hold in my heart.

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