Row, row, row your raft

My arms are really tired. So are my legs, for that matter.

20140620_144433Duncan and I were the only kids who hadn’t been in the raft this year (or ever), so Adam decided today was the day to send us down the stream. We drove to some spot in Alton Baker Park, hiked down a road for a while and tossed the raft into the Patterson Slough.

Duncan and I donned our life jackets and tentatively climbed aboard. I only squealed once as the raft shifted under my weight.

Boat selfie. Goodbye, world!

And then we were off, gliding peacefully across the little lake and down the river.

It was quite lovely on the smooth water.

Duncan and I sang rounds of Row, Row, Row Your Boat Raft and he even paddled a bit. While we were going with the current and didn’t really need to paddle, Adam, Sam and Berry hiked alongside, taunting us to keep up with them.

We passed under a couple of bridges and avoided being spat on by any related teenagers, met a spider (or some kind of insect in the boat) the distraction of which caused us to float into a low-hanging tree and generally had a good time.

Eventually we came to a little sluice, one side of which was open, so we pulled over so Sam could hop in and enjoy the brief rapids. Then we plonked Berry in with him (once he was on the other side – we only have 3 spare children after all) and Duncan and I wandered down the trail while Sam rowed and Adam ran back to get the minivan.

We all reconvened downstream, happy and well-exercised. Berry mouse (note the tail from her 1st grade play costume) gamely helped carry the raft back to the car.

We came home to hot chocolate and tea and some rest. I’m not sure how many exercise points I earned (10 minutes = 1 point, 50 points = 1 pedicure) but I think we achieved our Outside Time quota for the day. And I suppose it counts as visiting a park. No book reading for the kids, though. Perhaps I need to bribe them with something – or offer a less likable alternative, like cleaning their rooms…

Dinner tonight (because I seem to be obsessed with chronicling our meals) was take out pizza for the kids and gluten-free calzones with peppers and mushrooms for me and Adam. Last night was beef/tofu stir fry with rice noodles.

And here’s the video from our adventures today.